Disclaimer:  I do not claim to be an expert on the Giggles or Gui Gui nor am I affiliated with Ideal Toy Corp. and
Estrela S/A.  The information I provided has been taken from various Ideal books and from what I gleaned from my
own collection and from other Giggles and Gui Gui collectors.
Giggles was produced by Ideal Toy Corp. from 1967-1969. The Caucasian Giggles
was issued with blond hair and came with either blue or green eyes. The African
American Giggles had black hair with brown eyes. Giggles came dressed in a striped
multi-colored shirt, matching undies, & black sandals. When her arms are pulled
together, her head and eyes move to one side and she vibrates making a giggle sound.

Baby Giggles was produced in 1968. She was dressed in a pink shirt with matching
undies and white sandals. She came in different hair colors - blond, brunette, and
redhead with either blue or green eyes. She has the same giggle mechanism as her
big sister.

Gui-Gui - the Brazilian Giggles doll was produced by Estrela SA. Estrela, a Brazilian
toy company was commissioned by Ideal Toy Corp. to produce some of their dolls for
the Brazilian market. Other Ideal dolls produced by Estrela are Kissy, Patti Playpal, and
Crissy (Crecy). All dolls had subtle differences from their US counterpart.

Estrela produced Gui-Gui from 1968 to 1979. They made 2 or 3 kinds of dolls for each year. In 1984, Estrela made 3 more models and then stopped making them. They wear different outfits with variations in style and colors. They came wearing various footwear such as sandals and boots. Gui-Gui has the same giggle mechanism as Giggles.

The first Gui Gui dolls made by Estrela had green eyes and are rarer than the blue
eyes. Gui-Gui's blue eyes have a deeper blue shade than Giggles' blue eyes. Estrela
only made a few dolls with brunette hair because the Brazilian mothers preferred the
blondies for their dark haired daughters. Estrela also produced a few dolls with red
hair. Redheaded Giggles are rare as well.
Different shades of green eyes.
Different shades of blue eyes.
Two types of Estrela necklaces for Gui Gui.